life in the slow lane

Just rocked it at the gym.

Starting the C25K again, cardiovascularly I’m about half way through but I need to reteach myself how to run or I’ll just ruin my feet again.

Knocked my tricep dip to 29kg
My inverted pull to 29kg
Leg press to 70kg
Leg extension is still at 11kg, but I’m feeling more stability, so hopefully I’ll make some progress there soon.
Still looking for some arm machines that don’t make my implant click against my muscle. The feeling makes me feel ill.
I should probably just learn how to use dumbells.

Also, two meals down and have followed the plan so far. 

Going to have my dinner straight after work and the rice milk as soon as I get home and try to leave it at that.

I have miso soup if all else fails.

Looking forward to making broccoli pesto tomorrow.

Yesterday I actually stuck to my diet completely. 

Breakfast: Plum

Lunch: Sweet potato mash with morrocan lentil soup

Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with cherry tomatoes, spinach, mushroom kalamata olives and red onion cooked with macadamia oil.

Snack: A glass of rice milk.

My plate says I managed about 1300 calories.

I did about 45 minutes of body weight exercises, I procrastinated too long and couldn’t fit the gym in before work so did a body weight workout afterwards. I’ll chalk that up as a semi-win though I missed cardio.

My plans today are:

Breakfast: 2x vegan soft shell corn tacos with pinto beans, guac, rice, tomato, red onion, cos lettuce, coriander and verde sauce.

Lunch: 2x four seed grain bread, 1 avocado, half a cup of spinach and a tomato with pepper. 

Dinner: Moroccan lentil soup with broccoli. 

Snack: 20g 85% chocolate, a glass of rice milk.

This should come out to about 1400 calories, so I definitely need to go to the gym.

I meant to have the toast for breakfast, soup for lunch and tacos for dinner but I couldn’t resist the taco’s when I drove past.

Just waiting for my belly to settle down before I go to the gym.

Just had breakfast, it was.. interesting. 

It was oatmeal with berries, banana and maple, but making it with a herbal tea instead of water. It wasn’t bad, it was just really sweet. Maybe next time I’d skip the tea or the maple. 

Lunch smells amazing. Lentil soup and mashed sweet potato. 

Then mashed navy bean, spinach and red capsicum wraps for dinner.

I’m currently demolishing the kitchen while I cook lunch and dinner to take to work. My housemates just bought another dining set to go with the fifty plates and bowls we currently have (I may or may not be exaggerating, I’m not sure.) I’m clearing all the crap we don’t use out of the kitchen into storage and hoping they’re grateful rather than mad tomorrow haha.

Then gym and work. I’ll work on the pilates when I get home.

Attempt 1000

I hope this time I can turn my life around for real.

Some of the issues I had last time were high stress, bad feet exacerbated by bad shoes and poor planning.

I’ve faced these issues. I’m caught up at uni, and expect to be able to stay caught up.

I bought $5,000,000 shoes, and starting talking to a student podiatrist who explained to me that I haven’t done my feet any permanent damage yet, and explained how my feet were supposed to be falling.

Seriously guys if you have sore feet try filming them while you’re walking, it’ll be pretty clear why. 

I’ve set up a schedule for the gym, I’ve joined a program called happy herbivore which will provide me with an easy, varied and nutritious vegan diet backbone.

At only 1200 calories a day, I’ll need to add another 200-300 calories a day to it but it’s a good start.

I will also move through the pop-pilates calendar as best as I can. It’s brutal, but the stability it will bring to my core and spine will help me avoid anymore sports related injuries.


Fasting.  Xx


Fasting.  Xx


A little #fitspiration for your #fitness

Impromptu holiday

So, I ended up in New Zealand for a funeral. And today I have a big music festival. Will reinitiate challenge tomorrow.


Two Brothers Re-Create Childhood Photos As A Priceless Gift To Their Mother (via Then/Now)

(Source:, via runfits)

Thin Privilege is being able to use an elevator



So going down stairs scares me! 

Are you fucking five years old? Grow up! Somebody tell me this is a troll post.

Well, it is pretty scary trying to walk down stairs when you can’t see the floor.